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  1. LinkStation Pro - Joining an Active Directory domain
    [Answer ID: 14280]
    1.Run the active directory firmware update and reset the unit to default settings following the update. 2.A computer account needs to be setup on the Domain with the name of the TeraStation Pro / LinkStation Pro and set to pre-Win2000 machine....
  2. LinkStation GUI sees "device" when DriveStation is attached, but not in format menu
    [Answer ID: 14285]
    LinkStation Web UI sees "Buffalo storage device" when DriveStation is attached, but in format menu, the only one listed is the internal disk.This is caused by auto/manual switch on the DriveStation or LinkStation firmware is not latest version....
  3. Gigabit LinkStation backup folders not showing
    [Answer ID: 14287]
    If you cannot locate backups on destination Gigabit LinkStation, even though they are completing, it needs to enable the backup as a public shared folder.You will need to enable the backup as a public shared folder....
  4. Receiving username / password prompt on an open share
    [Answer ID: 14288]
    If you get prompted screenbox for username and password on an open share or cannot log in with the usernames on the device, Windows is trying to log on using local users on the computer....
  5. Buffalo NAS Firmware: Updater program cannot find LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14290]
    If updater program cannot find the LinkStation, the model number of the updater is wrong or the LinkStation is not under the same subnet mask. If the updater software is unable to find the unit, there could be a few causes:...
  6. Unable to Assign Read Only Permissions to a File
    [Answer ID: 14294]
    If it is unable to Assign Read Only Permissions to a File, this is caused that Read only attributes are only accepted at root level. You may setup root shares as read only based on user account in the LinkStation's Web Admin interface....
  7. LinkStation Live and DHCP server problem
    [Answer ID: 14296]
    There was a misprint in the LinkStation Live instruction manual regarding DHCP servers.The manual is incorrect and the unit will default to 169.254.xx.xxx if you do not have a DHCP server....
  8. Client Manager won't Function Properly
    [Answer ID: 14298]
    The Wireless Zero Configuration Service in Windows XP conflicts with Client Manager.If using Windows XP, make sure that the Wireless Zero Configuration Service is disabled. Click [Start] - [Control Panel] - [Administrative Tools] - [Services]....
  9. What should I do if I already have a version of Client Manager on my PC?
    [Answer ID: 14299]
    Update the Client Manager to the version on the CD.If you do not update the Client Manager, there could be a loss of functionally, as some older versions of Client Manager will not work properly with the G300N Wireless Notebook Adapter....
  10. Why all my network clients doesn't work
    [Answer ID: 14317]
    All your network clients won't work due to different operating systems.Some operating systems support only a limited number of network clients.Windows 98/ME operating systems support only four network clients....
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