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How to: Back up data to Network Attached Storage (ANS) over the Internet (Professional Firmware ) ?

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Buffalo Router (User Friendly Firmware) supports NAS function. User Friendly has a built in WebAccess feature which allows access from Internet to NAS device through WEB Interface.


To learn more about WEB Access Setup using UserFriendly F/W see the following link: (1) (2) (3). 


With Professional Firmware (DD-WRT for Buffalo), Internet access to NAS can be accomplished through VPN setup.


First Setup NAS :


1-      Connect Storage device to router USB port.

2-      Connect PC to Router and launch browser to management WEB UI.

3-      Log-in and navigate to Service | USB tab and enable : Core USB Support, USB Storage, and Automatic Drive Mount. Next click Apply Settings.

4-      Navigate to Service | NAS tab and under File Sharing Enable Samba.

5-      Under Shares select mount path and set shared folder name and access .

6-      Under Users, Click “Add User”. Enter user name and password.

7-      Click “Apply Settings” .  In Windows you can verify shared by entering

\\IP-Address in file explorer.


Second Setup VPN Server (PPTP) on router:


See This Link for more details >>>


1-Go to setup and record the following for the next step:

A) LAN IP address (example:

B) DHCP address pool ( Example : ~


2- Go to "Service" | "VPN" tab


3- Click enable PPTP server Enable option.

Set enable broadcast option if you are using it for small home/office and/or for special gaming applications.


4- Set DNS1 , DNS2 and WINS IP address.


5- Set Server IP address. This should be a valid IP address in LAN address rang (i.e. 192.168.11.X) . where X is out side of the DHCP address pool.

The IP address should be outside of the DHCP address pool. ( in this example DHCP address range is ~

Server IP is set to


6- Allocate an address or a list of addresses for client IP . This should be a valid IP address in LAN address rang and out side of DHCP address range.

(Example 192.168.11.X -- in this example ; or if there are more you may specify a range as


7- assign user name password (CHAP secret) in following format :

Username * Password *

    8- Click "Apply Settings"

    9- reboot the router. Turn off and back on. alternatively,



Finally, Setup VPN client (PPTP) :


See This Link for more details >>>


To access NAS over Internet, setup VPN connection on PC.

1-Go start menu click "Control Panel" | "Network Sharing Center" and select Setup a new connection or network

2- Select "Connect to workplace"

3- select "Use my Internet connection (VPN)

4- Next, enter DDNS registered domain name and assign the connection a name.

5- Next, Enter User name and password (from VPN setup step 4) .

once connected, you can access shared folder

 In Windows you can verify shared by entering

\\IP-Address (in this example \\ )




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