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I cannot start the TeraStation and "E04" is displayed on the LCD panel.

Created 02/15/2011 15:31  |   Updated 09/09/2013 09:14

The firmware may be corrupted.

Wait about 5 minutes after "E04" is displayed, and then turn on the power again.
You may need to repeat this operation 4 to 5 times to start the TeraStation.

After starting up, if "EM" is displayed with the name of the TeraStation on the LCD display, the TeraStation is running on emergency mode.
In this case, download the latest firmware to update it.

If "E04" continues to be displayed after several attempts to turn on the power, or updating the firmware does not go out the "EM" from the LCD display, the TeraStation may have a failure.

Contact our service center for inspection and repair.



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