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How to: Create a separate WLAN network Interface for a guests to access Internet only (Professional Firmware).

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  •  How to restrict access to existing WLAN and LAN network from additional WLAN interface.
  •  How to separate additional WLAN networks into different network address space.

The following is the instruction on how to create a separate WLAN network Interface for guests to access Internet only.

First, created an additional virtual interface to start with. To crate an additional wireless LAN interface see the following link : here.

Next, follow the steps bellow:


1- Connect PC to router and launch browser to router's management WEB UI.

2- Navigate to the Wireless |  Basic Settings Tab .

3- Select the advance option check for the virtual interface that you would like to separate into another network.




4- Set AP Isolation option and click Save Button.

5- Navigate to Setup | Networking tab and under bridging, click Add button. Give the bridge a name (example br1) and next, click "Apply Settings" button.




6- Enter the newly created virtual Interface network IP address. set IP address out side of existing LAN IP network address space.

By default , existing LAN address is .

Set the new WLAN address to with subnet MASK.

Next, click "Apply Settings".

7- Under Assign Bridge, click "Add" button. and select "br1"  bridge to assign to WLAN virtual interface ath0.1 . As shown bellow.

       In general you create a brN and assign it to interface ath0.N where N is the virtual interface number 1 ,2 ,3 ... 8.




8- Next, add DHCP server to this interface: Under DHCPD/Multiple DHCP Server, click add and select "br1" from drop down menu. Next, click "Apply Settings" button.




9 - Finally, to restrict access so that br1 will not be able to access existing W/LAN network and vice versa ,  copy the following lines  :



iptables -I FORWARD -i br1 -o br0 -m state --state NEW -j DROP

iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -o br1 -m state --state NEW -j DROP

and paste to :




 A. Navigate to Administration | Commands

  B. Command Shell - Commands BOX




C. Click Save firewall.





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