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How To: Connect wireless router to internet using CATV Cable Modem.

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Some broadband modems and Cable TV modems initialize Internet connection by using MAC address of router or PC used initially to connect to ISP.

Changing routers connected to modem in some cases may require erasing the inital MAC address saved on the CATV modem.

Alternatively, you may choose to change WAN/Internet port's MAC address on the router to old  router's or the PC's MAC adress .

If you have had a working Internet connection and lost it due to change in connection to cable modem, than you may try either reset the modem or change new router's WAN/Internet port MAC address.


To Reset Modem Turn  off the CATV modem to erase memorised MAC address.

Follow the procedures to erase MAC address on the Cable Modem below.

  1. Disconnect the router or PC from the modem port.
  2. Turn OFF the modem (You may have to wait for a few minutes depending on the modem. check modem documentations)
  3. Connect router WAN/Internet port to modem.
  4. Turn ON the modem.


Alternatively, set WAN/Internet port MAC address to the previous Router's or PC's MAC address
  1. Connect PC to new Router LAN Port.
  2. Launch browser to Administrators WEB UI (
  3. Go to Internet or WAN setup
  4. Select Manual option to enter MAC address in nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn format.







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