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Converting FAT32 file system to NTFS for External USB Storage

Created 05/30/2012 14:10  |   Updated 06/08/2012 17:38

The DriveStations ship with FAT32 as their filesystem.
This is because FAT32 is compatible with Apple OS, and Windows. Converting the DriveStation to NTFS can resolve this.

  1. Go to 'Start' > 'Run' and then type: diskmgmt.msc and press OK

  2. Select the drive you want to change, like Disk 1 (Disk 0 is normally your first build in hard drive on this PC) and right click the partition (area beside Disk *).

  3. Select Format and select the default setting or change the settings you like to have customised.

!!! Formatting the drive will course complete data lose, make sure to select the correct drive !!!



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