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WHR Series Router Internet Setup

Created 05/30/2012 13:55  |   Updated 06/08/2012 17:30

Please contact DSL provider to obtain PPPoE ID and password prior to taking 1st steps.
It is highly recommended that the initial setup through a wired connection to the router and not using a wireless connection.

  1. Disable any PPPoE connections if they are installed on the PC.
    This is installed with programs such as WinPOET and is also included in Windows XP as "WAN Miniport (PPPoE)" under Network Connections.

  2. Connect the Modem to the WAN port of the router and the computer to one of the other four ports on the router then reboot everything.

    A, Unplug the modem and router from power and wait a few minutes.

    B. Plug in the modem first and wait for it to fully boot up. You can follow the   directions of your modem manufacturer.

    C. Then plug in the router and let that boot up. You can follow the directions of your router manufacturer.

    D. Reboot the computer. 

  3. Open up a Web browser and go to and login using "root" as the username.
    Leave Password blank.

  4. From the Main page go through the Internet connection wizard on the device.
    This will detect the WAN connection and prompt for a username and password if using PPPoE.

  5. After entering the correct connection information the device will connect and allow connection through it.




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