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What are the differences between the remote access on the CloudStation and LinkStation WebAccess feature?

Created 11/18/2011 09:19  |   Updated 09/04/2013 10:25
  • Remote Access

    LinkStation WebAccess feature

    CloudStation Remote Access feature

    In order to access files stored in the LinkStation using WebAccess, the routers should be opened a specific port and has to acquire a Public IP address. Configuration of Port Forwarding is a complicated process in which errors commonly occur.
    This is especially common when setting up a multi-hop routing environment.

    WebAccess is not available without acquiring a Public IP address.
    While WebAccess is quite useful, it also has some limitations such as those previously mentioned and the fact that storage capacity is limited.

    On the other hand, configuration of Port Forwarding is not necessarily by using a cloud service.
    Be it through a multi-hop routing environment or without acquiring a Public IP address, users can access data stored in the CloudStation via the internet without having the routers configured anything.
    Another distinct advantage of utilizing the CloudStation is the unlimited storage environment the internet provides.

  • About Security

    As an existing Buffalo NAS product, users can access NAS via the remote Web interface.
    The remote Web interface allows users to apply SSL (HTTPS) for security purposes.
    Users can also send links to family and friends to share files with a password optionally.



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