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How to upload files to the CloudStation from a PC

Created 10/13/2011 12:11  |   Updated 02/13/2012 18:15

There are 2 way to upload your files.

 Upload the files via the CloudUI
  1. Select a target drive and folder to upload on the CloudUI.
  2. Click [Upload files] on the toolbar .
    * If the drive or the folder is empty, you also can click [Upload] button in the message box.


  3. The dialogue for the target files is displayed.
    Click the [Add Files] button on the dialogue, and choose the files you want to upload.


  4. Check the target file are correct, and click the [Upload].
    The file uploading will start soon.


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Upload the files via the CloudUI
  1. Install Pogoplug software into your PC, then launch it.
    Click here to see how to upload your files using the Pogoplug software.
  2. Copy or Move your files as you do on local drive.

It is limited to upload a file via the web browser larger than 1GB, due to its specification.

  • It is recommended to use the Pogoplug software to upload the large files.
    Click here to visit our website in each region to download the software.

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