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What does the message on the LCD display indicate when the ERROR LED is turned on? (TS-VHL series)

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The contents displayed on the LCD when the ERROR LED is ON are described below:
The contents can be switched by the [DISPLAY] button on the product.

LCD Message Description Corrective Action
The hard disk to start cannot be
  1. Unplug a power code to turn off the power.
  2. Start the product.
    If the error appears again, contact the BUFFALO repair service.
E04 SYSTEM Error
Can't Load Krnl!
The firmware is corrupted. ImageSee details
E10 UPS E10
Dependent Mode
The product is currently running on
the UPS battery. The system will be shut down safely.
ImageSee details
I10 SYSTEM I10 TOO HOT! A rise in the system temperature may have exceeded the allowable safety value.
  1. Move the product to cool location.
  2. If the product is surrounded by objects,
    move them away from the product.
E11 SYSTEM Error
Fan Failure
Abnormal fan rotations. Remove foreign materials and dust on the fan by a pair of tweezers or an air duster.
If the error appears again, contact to our support center.
E12 SYSTEM Error
Cooling Failure
The rise in the system temperature has exceeded the guaranteed value. ImageSee details
E14 RAID Arrayx E14
Can't Mount
RAID array X cannot be mounted. Run the RAID array disk check in the Web Admin interface.
ImageSee details
E16 HDx Error E16
HDx Not Found
Unable to find hard drive X. ImageSee details
E22 HDx Error E22
HDx Can't Mount
Mounting of hard drive X has failed. ImageSee details
E27 FailOver E27
The TeraStation for the backup
target cannot be found.
From the Web Admin interface, navigate to [System]-[Failover] to reconfigure the backup TeraStation for failover.
E30 HDx Broken E30
Replace the DISK
An error occurred, so hard drive X
was removed from the RAID array.
Replace hard drive X.
ImageSee details



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