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Are there any restrictions when administrating in Active Directory?

Created 05/18/2011 13:08  |   Updated 10/04/2013 09:51

There are restrictions when the TeraStations work together with Active Directory.
The restrictions are as follows:

  • TeraStation is NOT supported in a multi-domain environment, but supported in a single-domain environment.
  • When you have the TeraStation joined to an Active Directory domain, you must specify a DNS Server which can resolve names for Active Directory domain.
  • After building an Active Directory domain, the administrator’s password* which is needed to join the Active Directory domain must be changed at least once, or joining the Active Directory domain will fail.
    * This is not an Administrator password of NAS.
  • The DNS name and NetBIOS name of the Active Directory must be identical.
  • If there are more than 5 minutes difference between the TeraStation’s clock and the domain controller’s clock, joining the domain or authenticating the domain user or group may fail.
  • The TeraStation supports to obtain the first 1000 users or the first 1000 groups from a domain controller.
  • For global groups/users, there is no need to make settings or operations if domain controllers under the forest are delegated properly, domain local groups/users are recognized with each other properly, and the same settings are made as shown above.
  • It is designed that universal group users cannot be read.
    Check the group settings of Active Directory.



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