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How do I check Windows Firewall? (Windows XP)

Created 04/08/2011 12:50  |   Updated 08/30/2011 13:53

In case that UPnP software does not work properly, please check the configuration of "Windows Firewall" with the following procedure.

  1. Click [Start]-[Control Panel]-[Network and Internet Connections]-[Network Connections].
  2. Double click [Local Area Connection].
  3. Click on the [Properties] button in the [Local Area Connection Status] window.
  4. Click on the [Advanced] tab in the [Local Area Connection Properties] window, and then click the [Settings] button.
  5. If there is a check mark in the box of [Don't allow exceptions], remove the check mark.
    *If "Windows Firewall" is disabled, you do not have to check other settings. Click the [OK] button to close the window.

  6. Click the [Exceptions] tab.
    Check an appropriate (using) program (software name) and service if there is no check mark in the box 

  7. Click on the [OK] button in each window, and then close it.



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