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How can I back up data using Backup Utility?

Created 03/15/2011 15:03  |   Updated 04/01/2011 15:38
  1. Right-Click the icon (Image) in the system tray, and select [Settings].

  2. Click [Next].

  3. Enter a name for the backup, and click [Next].
    * The default name for the backup will be displayed as “Backup of (name of your computer).”
    Enter a name of your choice, or leave the default name.
    Click [Next].

  4. Check on the drives you want to back up.
    Click [Next].

  5. Select the drive you want to save the backup data in it.
    Click [Next].

    The target drive must be specified as a BUFFALO USB hard drive only.
    If nothing is displayed on the backup location box, confirm if the USB hard drive is connected with correctly, and click [Update].

  6. Click [Next].

    If you want to avoid backing up some folders, click [Add] to select such folders.
    The selected folders will not be backed up.

  7. Set the backup schedule, and click [Next].

    When you choose [Interval], duration of computer suspension is not included in the interval.

  8. Click [Finish].

  9. This is the end of the settings for backup.
    Data will be backed up automatically according to the backup schedule you have set.
    You don’t need to perform any operations by yourself.

    * The backup job will not be performed if the drive of the backup location is disconnected from the computer.
    * To view the next backup job, hold the mouse cursor over the backup icon in the task tray.

To restore backed-up data, follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click the icon(Image) in the task tray, and select [Run Recovery Tool].

  2. Select the date and time at which the target data were backed up.

  3. Select the backed up folder you wish to restore from.

  4. Click [Restore].

    Now restoration will start. Wait until it is competed.



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